1. The walks and talks, views and villages sound belissimo. I look forward to reading the blog every night so keep them coming. Must say the dog situation sounds disturbing. Are they the big hairy guard dogs and why so many and so aggressive? Perhaps to compensate for the toothless locals. Beware of those pronunciations. They might be in the local dialect and unintelligible elsewhere. Assuming you can remember them after the fact.


  2. Buongiorno et ciao ragazzi! All well, here and you have us salivating! Are we now to critique the travelling bloggers i.e. who is BEST? Well, Len….watch out! She may be a late starter but bound to overtake due to ‘white-line fever’ tendencies . Seriously, what you’re doing is unfathomably amazing …. you’ll do the Nagasendo in a doddle. Ana, typically keeping admin on their organisational toes. It’s Geelong/Richmond, tonight. M acquired a ticket via AFL/Geelong M’ship package but unable to secure one for Osc. Luckily/unluckily, he will be there, however, as Cousin Rosie (Richmond member) has a spare. Oh Dear. (and, by the way: bad luck Gerard Whateley, Carol Boucher has no peer!!)
    Message from Marlene… Sam job at Ernst & Young starting feb. Love to you all/both depending on who you meet.
    P.S. Seen any decent tennis courts? The pool looks inviting..


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