1. Yes, I remember well that walk. It is interesting how it is seen by each person on that day. Always up for an adventure. Love the blogs. Want to write more but its sooooooo boring here.


  2. Hi Len and Carol. Just a quick note before I go and organise tea. Love your blog, although I haven’t kept up with the whole trip. You both look fantastically healthy, hope you feel it as well. News is full of Same Sex Marriage ‘debate’. Ian says he is not going to vote and I am trying to change his mind, but we will see what happens. Dinner calls. Lots of love Sue


  3. I know I’m behind in my blog reading, but as There is a mention of that intrepid trip to see if we could see any defrocked monk remains in the swamp! I have too comment.
    I do believe Len that you are extremely relaxed, your prose has been getting better and bettter the closer to Roma you get…
    Thoroughly enjoying the commentary…
    Ciao Sue


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