1. Love your blog Len ( and Carol). Look forward to it as an escape from my daily routine. I positively sap up the warmth although I have been slightly bettter when off chemo.
    A book suggestion: ” The Agony and the Ecstasy” by Irving Stone, a bio about Michelangelo. Others could be “Under the Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes or “I, Mona Lisa” by Jeanne Kalogridis but not sure if downloadable. Depends which site you use.


  2. You are both making great progress and I am sure I detect a more relaxed tone surely attributable to enjoying the walk and sharing it as a couple rather than as an individual. That selfie stick suggests you stick with being an Accountant as your day job and leave high technological pursuits to us Engineers ! I was sure you would note it’s dual usefulness as a dog beater ? As I recall the next town is famous for its wine, but then isn’t every town in that Region similarly famous for the same reason.


  3. Hi folks, I have just discovered your blog. Look forward to backtracking over your earlier entries. Gosh you are doing well Len, sooo much territory covered! Well done. And you are right near chiusi now!! ” I feel the serenity!!”
    And speaking of picturesque hills and Cyprus pines, a bloke there told me that in Etruscan times, the guarding soldiers would thin the trees along the top of ridges, (not the pencil pines so much as the more umbrella looking ones, ) for shade and protective cover whilst on duty against the marauding hordes attacking from below. The attackers, proceeding up-hill, in full battle gear and in full sun, would often call it quits and retreat without a sword being drawn! Too hot…too hard! Your photo actually shows just such a line of trees. Maybe it WAS true?
    Luv your pic-stick experimentation!!! Keep at it until perfection!
    God bless your 4 feet. Guess you’re well past the band-aid stage by now. And Carol, I’m feeling the vibe of a different tempo, …a more leisurely tourist component in the jaunt??
    That’s my girl! More My kinda walk. Xx averill


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