1. Hi you two,
    I’m a late-starter to your blog, which I’m finding fascinating by the way, and I have replied before , but obviously I’m not driving this beast correctly because my (lengthy) note has disappeared into the stratosphere! But will try again.
    Loving how logistics do tend to keep ones eye on the ball,… “the 2.20 bus” ! Got me thinking of the reality of travel and how a missed connection, even a casual one, can cause much angst if it results in the need to cancel/rearrange the next days bookings,.. and the next,..and sometimes the next. Go Lenny! Every tour leader needs a reliable watch at some time,… even if it means indigestion on spinach.
    How’s the pic-stick experimentation going? I’m not spotting selfies??
    Enjoy Umbria.


  2. Dear Len and Carol,

    Have just learnt from Maria about this amazing, wonderful BLOG. Having only read this last post, hugely entertaining and so well described I will spend all day tomorrow catching up!
    You are totally awe-inspiring!
    Continue safely and stay well.
    Love, Marg


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