1. You had me worried as we hadn’t heard from you for a few days. Enjoy Lucca, as most have and of course your walking mate, Carol.


  2. Hi Len and Carol. Michael now perusing B&B’s along the track and checking the Via’s topography. (!!??) Certainly varied. Looks like your feet have recovered and remainder of body and mind in tippy top form! What a peaceful place to rest; loved the pic. Jill, Michael and Oscar


  3. You are storming along – well done. Having Carol alongside will give you lots of incentive to forget any aches n pains. I recall you have been to Lucca previously ( sorry we couldn’t catch up with you – so close but so far. ). I expect to see some updated pictures of the amazing stone arch bridge if your walk is close. At least as a Pilgrim you won’t incur parking fines like did because we drove into the walled city by mistake n couldn’t find our way out.


  4. Well done Len, you look fab and fit.. I have been really enjoying your tales.. I reckon you stories got better and better as you relaxed more and more into the walk…
    Enjoy a good break..remember to keep moving those muscles so they don’t forget how to walk!


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