1. Congratulations, half way, that is a huge achievement. I do love your letters and photos, especially ones with you in it. What a shame you were unable to have lunch with that man, it would have been a highlight, but you do have task in hand.Carol will be be by your side soon. Take care


  2. Your mention of walking up the river did bring to mind that you could be
    up ship creek like the insurance advert laments. Clearly your navigation is only surpassed by your fitness and mindfulness – congrats on passing the halfway marke. It must raise your spirits to know its (mostly) all down hill from here ? ! Your are painting a great word picture Len, I tried to stop Donna reading about the outlet shops tho! Travel safely


  3. Robin, as the project manager for the Aqua Via surly you will need an assistant like Donna who has studied Italian. As you have to dress well in Italy I am sure the project budget can include a clothing allowance.


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