1. I would have expected you to offer an alternative travel route to include a tunnel – no water torture involved and keeps you out of the sun? A further benefit – Keeps a lot of Italians (and Aussies ?) employed ! It might not be as scenic but then you might discover all manner of interesting artefacts or geological formations.


  2. Hi Len, very much enjoying your reflections. I’ve passed your blog onto an English walker friend of mine who is also enjoying them. I’d like to recommend a couple of writers, walkers and adventurers who might be kindred spirits, apropos your idea about following the waterways. English environmentalist, Roger Deakin, did just this, experiencing the waterways the length and breadth of England. His book is called Waterlog but he has others which could be of interest. One of his good mates, a brilliant writer on walking and looking, is Robert Macfarlane. I love his work. He brings the landscape alive. I’d be interested to hear what you think of his walking world. I can feel the poet coming out in you! J


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